Certified Visa Consultant

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

Registered at Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau




Your company might be unnecessarily wasting time in calling your foreign colleagues and their families? Also in the extending application works for the expatriates to their working or residential permission


  Probably in the almost external countries of Japan generally referred charge is entrusted to attorneys at low. However in Japan in most cases are entrusted to us Administrative Legal Specialist Registered Immigration (Officially called Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist who are Registered in Immigration Bureau having a pink color credential card issued by the Director General of Regional Immigration), and we have a history to perform these procedures services at all immigration offices of Japan since 1990 while attorney at low were started to perform only from 2005.


   Generally the Law and regulation basically request to all foreigners should appear themselves to the immigration office to apply for their working or residential permission including to receive new Residential Card (Zairyu Card). However, if a foreigner ask to an Administrative Legal Specialist Registered at the Immigration bureau basically, this foreigner may rejoice a great merit to exempt of appearance to the Immigration office. That is once a foreigner request to an Administrative Legal Specialist immigration application service, he/she doesn't need to come to the immigration office accordingly.


  In addition, the law, regulations and inter-ministerial criterions are modified frequently and application forms change year by year or almost frequent time as well. Probably some foreign executive have a bit frustration with uncertainty of application works each time.


  In our office a specialist with administrative legal expertise who possess over 15 years of experience and depth knowledge directly attends your expatriate executive or staff. Our office, differently from another offices, does not make attend a rookie staff who does not have enough experience nor depth knowledge.


  Think your best option to save time and make better solution in immigration application works!